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Video Demonstration

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Label and Instructions for Use (PDF)

Yankauer Label IFU.png

Illuminated LED Yankauer Sucker (Coming Soon)

Visualisation of the airway of the unconscious or semi-conscious patient is one of the underlying principles of medical management. This is an essential requirement for an enormous variety of clinical settings, including;

  • First aid

  • First response

  • Emergency medicine

  • Anaesthesia

  • Patient transport- intra-hospital patient transport,
    extra-hospital air/road/sea transport

  • Armed forces

  • Disaster relief

Key Features of the Illuminated LED Yankauer Sucker are;​

  • Compact

  • Robust

  • Lightweight

  • Disposable

  • Low cost

  • Effective

  • Reliable

  • Requires no special
    training or instruction; operation
    is single-step and intuitive

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