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Instructions for Use (Video)

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EMCrit 299 - Bougie Master Class with George Kovacs


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Testimonial Video - Bleeding Tonsil Case

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Instructions for Use (PDF)


Steerable Tracheal Intubation Guide (S.T.I.G.) 

Standard introducers are invaluable instruments, especially when facing difficult to manage airways, but sometimes they are just not enough. The ability to steer the tip of the introducer is a game-changer, making navigating the airway so much easier.

Whether you use DL or VL, the S.T.I.G. will help you find the way. Simply use your thumb to move integrated tab slider up and down to flex or retro-flex the tip of this innovative new introducer from Construct Medical.

  • Flexible, steerable tip makes it easier to navigate difficult airways

  • Tabs are easy to grip and manoeuvre even with gloves

  • Slider tabs situated so they will not need to pass through vocal cords

  • Blunt silicone tip reduces the risk of tracheal trauma

  • Bright phosphorous coating on tip makes it highly visible, especially with the ultra-violet lights used in some laryngoscopes

  • Introduce with anterior flexion, straighten to advance the tube or retro-flex if needed

  • Size 15Ch x 65cm with graduation marks from 10 to 50cm

  • Improves intubation, saving time, leading to fewer complication

  • No latex materials used in the construction of the S.T.I.G.

STIG Tip.png

International patents filed/granted under WO2015/066763.

Europe 3065803, Great Britain 3065803, France 3065803, Spain 14859483.1, Germany 602014043405.3, Italy 502019000043596, Australia 2014346337, Japan 2016-528138, USA 15/034890, China ZL201480072037.3

(Formally Flexible Tip Bougie)

EMS-Innovation-Ribbon-Winner-2019_ol (002).png


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Don't Blame it on the Bougie

Erlend Braut Opshaug, LIS, Anestesiavd. SUS, Michael Busch, seksjonsoverlege, Postoperativ seksjon, Anestesiavd. SUS

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